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When calamity equals major profit: why a windfall tax is the fairest way to ensure everybody benefits when big business booms

Over the past couple of years, 722 of the world’s biggest corporations have raked in more than $1 trillion in windfall profits. These massive, unexpected gains were made during the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. The numbers are truly mind-boggling. While prices and interest rates are on the rise, these large corporations have been cashing […] Read more »

The female food heroes of Indonesia – part 4

  HELP SAVE LIVES Right now Oxfam is responding to emergencies around the world, including the recent earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. Donate now The disaster, the muazin and the fried grasshopper By Juan Martorana – blogging from Indonesia This post should be titled “disasters”, plural, not disaster, singular. The last couple of days have […] Read more »