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Photo: Oxfam's office in Mugunga camp, DRC. Photo: Colin Delfosse/Oxfam

Letter from the DRC

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This heart-breaking dispatch from Oxfam’s Eddy Mbuyi in DRC provides a whole new perspective on the conflict currently ravaging Goma. Read more »
Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Behind the (prison) walls

Oxfam’s Caroline Gluck has documented plenty of examples of Oxfam’s hygiene promotion activities – in communities, schools and markets – but never in a prison. Until now… Read more »
Claude, Survivor of December 2009 atrocities in the Makombo area of Haut-Uélé district, DRC

Freedom from fear: Protecting people from one of the world’s most brutal rebel groups

Across central Africa, men, women and children live in fear of the Lord’s Resistance Army. This predatory group attacks women as they perform their daily tasks – fetching water or tending to their fields – and children returning from school. The LRA has become the most deadly militia in eastern Congo, with Christmas time marked by appalling massacres. Read more »