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Stopping hunger in Mozambique: Elisa

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series of blog posts introducing some of the real people we’ve been working with in Mozambique. In our final blog post we hear more from Elisa Elias Mavone. Oxfam News editor Maureen Bathgate travelled to Mabawane village in Gaza Province to hear Elisa’s story.

Stopping hunger in Mozambique: Maria

This week we meet Maria Mahamade Sirangue, from Mabawane in Gaza Province. Oxfam News editor Maureen Bathgate visited Maria to hear more about the gardening techniques she’s been learning from our local partner, and the difference it’s made for her family.

Stopping hunger in Mozambique: real voices

For the past few weeks we’ve brought you the stories of real people in Mozambique, who we’ve been working with to help stop hunger in their communities. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re hoping this brief video will speak volumes. Here’s a glimpse into the fields, homes and daily lives of the people you’re helping when you support our work.

Stopping hunger in Mozambique: Justino’s story

Justino Simon is a project coordinator with one of our partner organisations, the Christian Council of Mozambique Inhambane. We travelled to Mozambique to learn more about how Justino is helping communities in Inhambane province increase crop yields, improve nutrition and work toward a brighter future.

Stopping hunger in Mozambique: Ecerina’s story (part 2)

Last week we introduced you to Ecerina, a grandmother from Mozambique looking after two of her own children and six of her orphaned grandchildren. At the time, Ecerina had just harvested her first crop using techniques in drought-resistant farming that she learned from our local partner Mahahle.

This week we give you an update on how Ecerina is doing a year later.

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