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Canberra, Australia: Eve Bilsborough pictured at Parliament House during the 2022 Straight Talk National Summit.

Being a Straight Talk Intern with Oxfam in 2022

In July of 2022 I received a call congratulating me on a successful internship application with Oxfam Australia. The placement could not have been any more ideal. Following two years of COVID-19 lockdowns, organisations now offer hybrid/remote opportunities which are great for individuals who, like myself, do not live directly in a capital city and […] Read more »
Canberra, ACT. Oxfam Australia Intern Fazal at Parliament House.

Intern spotlight: Fazal Ullah –Straight Talk Political Engagement Internship

Fazal Ullah is currently completing an internship placement at Oxfam Australia, working alongside the First Peoples Program on Oxfam’s recent Straight Talk Summit. As part of his placement, Fazal recently went to Canberra to assist the team with the National Summit. Read more »
Oxfam Australia Straight Talk

A proud, straight-talking woman

For too long, the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have been unheard in Australia’s political landscape. But we’re working with partner organisation Aarnja to make sure that women like Bev Walley are heard, loud and clear. Read more »