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Famine in South Sudan

The situation

In South Sudan, 4.5 million people are facing severe food insecurity and more than 7 million people — about two thirds of the population — are in need of some sort of help.

After more than five years of conflict, a combination of displacement, lack of humanitarian access, and collapsed markets has left millions in dire need of some form of humanitarian assistance and protection. People have been pushed to the brink, surviving on what they can find to eat, often with limited access to clean water. 4.2 million people have been forced to flee their homes. As is so often the case, women and children are the worst affected.

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Oxfam’s work

Oxfam Australia is providing life-saving support to communities in South Sudan affected by the critical food crisis facing the country. We are supporting communities to access clean water and sanitation, and food and nutrition support; as well as helping communities to sustain their livelihoods and daily activities. This $4.5 million, running from 2017-2019 is implemented by Oxfam in South Sudan on behalf of the Australian Government through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership.

In the past year alone, Oxfam has helped over 900,000 people across the country with food and water distributions and longer-term aid, and assisted the most vulnerable people in Unity and Jonglei State.

Action is urgently needed to avert worsening famine like conditions and food insecurity. Please donate to provide life-saving humanitarian aid.

Global hunger, malnutrition and food security

East Africa is in the grip of a devastating food crisis, with millions going hungry. We must end this crisis now before more innocent women, men and children starve.

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