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The Global Day of Action for a Financial Transaction Tax

The global campaign for a Robin Hood Tax has moved up a notch, with campaigners from 25 countries uniting to call for the G20 to deliver a tax on the banks. From Argentina to Australia, Spain to Senegal, and Brussels to Brazil, thousands of people and organizations have taken part across the globe!

Check out the new video from Oxfam International of this great day of global action.

Earlier this year, campaigners took action on the eve of a G20 Finance Ministers meeting in Paris, where the Financial Transaction Tax is expected to be discussed. President Sarkozy of France, Chair of the G20 and G8 this year, is leading the charge for a tax on financial transactions that could raise billions to tackle global challenges of poverty and climate change. With banks returning to profits and ongoing public anger as the effects of the financial crisis continue to be felt, this year sees a golden opportunity to see a tax on banks agreed.

What you can do: