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10 things you should never have to do in a refugee camp

These refugees are living in camps or among local communities in Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt. In total, 12 million Syrians – more than half of the pre-war population – are in need of humanitarian assistance for basics like food, water and shelter. They are trying their best to survive and live their lives despite the hardship and devastating impacts of the war still raging in their homeland.

Yemen: the crisis you didn’t know about

Noor* and her husband once had a medical clinic in north Yemen, along the border of Saudi Arabia. Now they have a mound of rubble. Yemen is undergoing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. One in two people in Yemen — nearly 13 million people — are now struggling to find enough to eat. Of that number, half of them are on the brink of starvation. One family shares their story.

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