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Kiran nepal water pregnant

Nine months pregnant, Kiran carries heavy loads of water to survive

Kiran, who is nine months pregnant, just wants her children to grow up healthy and strong. But she has no access to clean water and she must walk long distances to collect water from a dirty well. Read more »

The struggle for clean water — dispatch from Far West Nepal

Oxfam’s Kate Bensen reports from the field in Far West Nepal, where nearly 3 in 4 people survive on dirty, unsafe water. Read more »
Nur*, 18 stands outside the Oxfam toilet that was installed near where she and her family have set up a home high on a hill in Balukali Camp, Bangladesh

Foreign aid: Australia must match the generosity of those we’re helping

Australia needs a generous and stable aid program that leaves no one behind, bolsters the capacity and responsibility of countries to provide for all their people, and helps to build resilience in an increasingly risky world. Read more »

Living, loving, laughing proof of human resilience

With five grandchildren in her care, Zivei survived the worst of Zimbabwe’s drought with her spirit and humour intact. Read more »

“We only need water”

The water crisis in Nepal is so acute that in Darchula, a group of women came together to advocate for clean water to be brought to their village. Read more »

Working with our First Peoples – a history

In this edited extract from the book Practical Visionaries, Susan Blackburn explains how Oxfam’s predecessor, Community Aid Abroad (CAA), began working with Aboriginal communities in Australia more than 40 years ago. Read more »
Meg Quartermaine

Bearing witness on Manus Island

Oxfam Australia’s Humanitarian Lead, Meg Quartermaine, traveled to Manus Island as part of an Australian delegation of INGOs to explore and understand the situation of refugees and asylum seekers detained there. Read more »

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Bangladesh

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya families are living in makeshift camps, without shelter and clean water. If they’re lucky, they may have plastic sheeting to sleep under, but mostly they are huddled under sarongs. Read more »

We’d like to dedicate this one to you

Last week, thanks to your support, Oxfam Australia was presented with ‘Best Social Innovation’ at the 2017 Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies awards for our Weather Index Insurance scheme in Sri Lanka. Read more »

Meet the women in Ghana who are turning honey into money

Augustina, a mother of three, is defying tradition and gender inequality in rural Ghana, with her own thriving honey business. Read more »