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5 Essential Features Of Sustainable Cities And Eco-Cities

What is a sustainable city? It is estimated that 50% of the world’s population now live in cities. With this migration into large urban centres, the difficulty of meeting the basic needs of millions has become an ever-increasing problem. Overpopulation, excessive consumption, pollution, and depletion of resources have presented environmental and health challenges in major […] Read more »

Clean water means a bright future

Thanks to Oxfam supporters, Miriam’s community in rural Zambia has clean, safe, water every single day. Read more »

Let me tell you about the strong women I met in Zambia

Let Oxfam Australia’s storyteller, Kate, tell you about the strong women she met in Zambia, and how they fight to keep cholera from taking their loved ones. Read more »
Help save lives from cholera today

Meet amazing Annie: she’s on a mission to save lives

Annie is a beacon of hope in her community in Zambia. She’s on a mission to empower and educate her friends and neighbours about the dangers of deadly cholera. Read more »

A shaky arrival in Nepal

Lives were lost, homes reduced to rubble, and livelihoods shattered — but Muna survived. And amid the chaos, she welcomed her second son into the world. Read more »
Melinda was diagnosed with cholera when she was eight months pregnant. Clean water and sanitation can help families in Zambia protect themselves from cholera.

Surviving cholera was an extra special Gift for Melinda

Melinda and her family live in a town called John Laing in Lusaka, Zambia. She was nearly nine months pregnant when she went to a local clinic, thinking she was in labour. Once they ran some tests on her, however, Melinda was told something no pregnant woman would ever want to hear. Read more »
Priscilla and her family are forced to drink contaminated water. Clean water and sanitation can help families in Zambia protect themselves from cholera.

When dirty water is your only option

Many parents worry about the health and wellbeing of their precious children. But parents like Priscilla, have extra reason to worry — she has only dirty water to give to her children. But together, we can help change this. Read more »
Hira carries 50kg of water at a time

Strength is not optional for women like Hira

Hira walks for 14 hours a day to collect water for her family — all because there is no clean water in her village. Read more »

A lifetime spent searching for clean water

In the remote mountains of Far West Nepal, women like Dhana have dedicated their entire lives to the relentless chore of finding water. Read more »
Kiran nepal water pregnant

Nine months pregnant, Kiran carries heavy loads of water to survive

Kiran, who is nine months pregnant, just wants her children to grow up healthy and strong. But she has no access to clean water and she must walk long distances to collect water from a dirty well. Read more »