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Sammy J in PNG

Oxfam Ambassador and all-round good guy, Sammy J, recently traveled to Papua New Guinea with us to see our work firsthand. Read about the people he met, the projects he saw, and the trouble he got himself into!

Good sanitation means more girls in school

On her way to school, Yusra negotiates the toxic human waste that lines the streets. The sanitation crisis in her home — the Mukuru slum in Kenya — means residents are forced to use pit latrines and plastic bags as their toilet. The threat of disease lingers every where, but the implications of poor sanitation for young women and girls are particularly complex.

Oxfam sends experts to Philippines in wake of typhoon Washi

As the death toll passes 1,000 from the devastating tropical storm that hit the southern Philippines on Sunday, Oxfam has sent in emergency responders to determine the region’s humanitarian needs. A team of ten experts are on the ground in Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City to assess the water and sanitation conditions, after […]

Clean water saves lives: Maree’s story

It’s easy to get caught up in the material anxieties of the holiday season. For a bit of perspective we bring you the story of Maree, a 23-year-old Cambodian woman living with her mother in the Takeo district of Cambodia. Maree doesn’t own any land, so she travels 90 km to Phnom Penh to work […]

Clean water saves lives: Bhoomy’s story

Running water is one of those little things in life that we depend on without really considering. But stop and think for a minute: If you couldn’t turn the on tap, would you even know the location of your nearest water source? For Bhoomy Deungmarny the answer is the KaPanh River, about 400 metres from […]

Clean water saves lives: Oeun’s story

Kut Oeun, a 35-year-old mother of four in rural Cambodia, is the face of our 2011 Water Appeal. But she’s more than just a face on a campaign. Oeun and her family spoke to Oxfam Australia at length about life in their village, particularly the struggles that come from having limited access to clean water.

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