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The Impact of Mekong Dams on Women

One of our areas of work in the Mekong Region is ‘Hydropower and Gender’. But what does the construction of dams have to do with gender relations? Good question. I asked myself the same thing when I started my experience with Oxfam. Not because I didn’t appreciate working towards gender equality, but because I couldn’t […] Read more »
On the road to Jing. Photo: Manish Mehta/OxfamAUS

Journey to a land beyond Google Maps

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Ever wonder what it’d be like to work for Oxfam in the field? Here, our Disaster Risk Reduction program manager in Laos, Manish Mehta, gives an all-access glimpse into a typically atypical day on the job! Read more »
Seng now feels better prepared to cope with natural disasters. Photo: Louise Mooney/OxfamAUS

Living with disasters – preparedness and response in Laos

By Louise Mooney, East Asia Humanitarian Program Coordinator, May 2012 In June last year the remote, mountainous district of Met in Laos’ north experienced the worst typhoon-triggered flooding in local grandmother Seng’s life. Seng’s family’s rice fields, essential to their livelihoods, were inundated with rocks, water and mud when the local stream flooded. “We lost […] Read more »
Photo: John Jones/OxfamAUS

Clean water saves lives: Bhoomy’s story

Running water is one of those little things in life that we depend on without really considering. But stop and think for a minute: If you couldn’t turn the on tap, would you even know the location of your nearest water source? For Bhoomy Deungmarny the answer is the KaPanh River, about 400 metres from […] Read more »
Photo: Elaine Montegriffo/OxfamAUS

Talking to our Laos country director

Ever wondered what it’d be like working for Oxfam in the field? This interview with our Laos country director provides a rare glimpse into the highlights, the challenges, and the day-to-day details of her work. Read more »