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75 years to achieve equal pay is too long

Women can expect to wait another 75 years before they receive the same amount of pay as their male counterparts. That’s according to Oxfam’s new report, The G20 and gender equality – How the G20 can advance women’s rights in employment, social protection and fiscal policies  which highlights the role of the G20 group of countries […] Read more »

The Impact of Mekong Dams on Women

One of our areas of work in the Mekong Region is ‘Hydropower and Gender’. But what does the construction of dams have to do with gender relations? Good question. I asked myself the same thing when I started my experience with Oxfam. Not because I didn’t appreciate working towards gender equality, but because I couldn’t […] Read more »

‘Mining has a masculine face’ – the impact of mining on women

By Christina Hill, Mining Advocacy Coordinator Oxfam’s work shows that the impacts of mining are not gender neutral. Women often experience the negative impacts of mining more than men, and rarely receive the benefits that men do. What do these gendered impacts look like in Indonesia? Do small ‘cowboy’ mining companies – which are dominant […] Read more »
Alysia with two of her sons. Photo: Timothy Herbert/OxfamAUS

The house that Alysia built

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Women’s savings groups not only help their members achieve levels of financial security that might otherwise be beyond their reach, but also provide an invaluable source of moral support and friendship. Just ask Alysia, a 47-year-old mother of six from Timor-Leste. Read more »
Jo Vallentine.Photo: OxfamAUS

Thank You Jo Vallentine, for 32 years of Oxfam support and activism

On the 100th anniversary of International Women’s day we’d like to take a moment to thank Jo Vallentine, who has been an active Oxfam supporter since 1978. Read more »
Annie Lennox. Photo: Mike Owen/Oxfam

F-word must be refreshed and reclaimed by a new generation

Why can we fly to the moon, but not put an end to gender-based violence, asks Oxfam ambassador Annie Lennox. Read more »
Photo: Jane Beesley/Oxfam

International Women’s Day 2011

Oxfam knows that women around the world achieve amazing things every day. We’ve been there supporting and empowering them to succeed against great adversity, encouraging their successes and celebrating with them as they achieve their dreams. During the week of 8 March 2011, join us in celebrating women’s achievements for International Women’s Day. Read more »