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75 years to achieve equal pay is too long

Women can expect to wait another 75 years before they receive the same amount of pay as their male counterparts. That’s according to Oxfam’s new report, The G20 and gender equality – How the G20 can advance women’s rights in employment, social protection and fiscal policies  which highlights the role of the G20 group of countries […] Read more »

Rapidly growing inequality is worsening poverty around the world

A new report from Oxfam sheds light on rapidly growing extreme inequality and how it worsens poverty around the world, as Prime Minister Tony Abbott prepares to spruik Australia’s G20 agenda at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week. The report, Working for the Few, shows that the wealth of the world is divided […] Read more »

Small steps for G20, giant leap for Robin Hood

It’s amazing how developments unfold little by little at the G20 Summit. Here, it’s all about details. Oxfam’s Victoria Marzilli reports on progress in France. Read more »

G20: the verdict

Our friends at the Robin Hood Tax campaign provide us with a wrap-up of the G20 meeting in France. Read more »

A Robin Hood Tax at the G20

Prime Minister Gillard is about to embark across the ocean to France for the G20 summit meeting, where Oxfam Australia hopes Australia will support a Robin Hood Tax, reports Sarah Norton. Read more »

G20 meeting disappointing

Campaigners, NGO’s and the governments of nations most at risk have once again been disappointed by the outcomes (or lack thereof) from this week’s round of G20 meetings. Read more »
Photo: Oxfam Canada

Robin Hood down – but not out – at G20 Summit

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After the G8 disgracefully dropped the ball on aid at what has been dubbed the ‘Summit of shame’, the G20 have missed their chance to score against poverty by failing to move towards a Robin Hood Tax on banks. Read more »