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Rohingya refugees: Finding hope among the hopelessness

Oxfam Australia’s Dylan Quinnell has just returned from three weeks in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. There are now over a million people trapped in flimsy makeshift shelters, with a monsoon bearing down on them and nowhere to call home. Yet, hope remains strong among the Rohingya people.

Budget 2018 fails to give a fair go

If you haven’t had the chance to go through the budget papers with a fine-toothed comb, never fear – here’s our breakdown of how the budget stacks up against the fairness test on some of the biggest issues: justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, our Australian aid budget, action on climate change and our plans to tackle inequality.

Australian aid an investment in security and prosperity

Details released today of government cuts to Australian aid meant that Australia would be investing less in security, prosperity and in improving the lives of those living in extreme poverty. The cuts announced by the Abbott Government will affect people living in extreme poverty in a number of regions around the world. Targeted and effective aid […]

Who will protect women’s rights in Afghanistan after the troops withdraw?

A delegation of Afghan MPs and community leaders visited Parliament House last week to push for Australia’s political leaders to help protect women’s rights in Afghanistan. Women in Afghanistan face an uncertain future as Australia and other international forces prepare to withdraw troops in 2014. Ms Shinkai Karokhil, an independent member of the Afghan parliament […]

Development for equality

Experiencing a bit of culture shock between Australia and Cambodia got me thinking about the concept of an equitable world; what is it and how can we make it happen?

Reflections on Cambodia

Cambodia is typically understood through a narrative of civil war, devastation and poverty, but this fails to capture the modern dynamics of the country. The less prominent stories are of those driving change in the country towards a more equitable future. Committed, passionate people throughout the country are pushing for a new deal – the […]

World Humanitarian Day 2011

Most of us will be fortunate enough to never know disaster. Our lives will not be torn apart by flooding, famine, conflict. But the world is changing, and uncertainty confronts us all. Today, on World Humanitarian Day, we honour aid workers across the globe who are facing this uncertainty head-on.

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