Powering up against poverty: coal fired power is not the solution

Emissions produced from burning coal for power are the single biggest driver of climate change. And climate change is a major threat in the fight against hunger. If Australia truly wishes to help bring low-cost energy to the world and build a bright economic future for itself, it’s time we stopped exporting dirty coal and promoting it as a false solution to poverty.

Ending Hunger. One step at time.

Climate change is already having an impact on the ability of communities to feed themselves — communities like that of Virginia Ñuñonca, a farmer in the Peruvian highlands. Like many of the world’s more than 500 million family farmers, Virginia is experiencing increased impacts from climate change. Changing seasons and extreme weather are leading to […]

Support for women farmers could help us beat hunger

By Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, Oxfam International. Across South Asia and Southeast Asia, millions of small family farms are the bedrock of national food security. But the pressure on these farmers is increasing. Population growth is not slowing, demand for land for development is accelerating, and agricultural productivity seems to be reaching a plateau. When […]

Eat Local Feed Global

Oxfam Australia is fortunate to have passionate and knowledgeable prominent Australians supporting our Eat Local Feed Global initiative this October. Met some of the celebrities who are helping to create a world free from hunger and inequality.

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