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A hotter world is a hungrier world

Climate change will leave families caught in a vicious spiral of falling incomes, rising food prices, and declining quality of food, leading to a devastating impact on the health of millions. Last September, the world’s scientists concluded with even greater confidence that climate change is happening and its impacts are set to worsen. This week, […]

Joining the dots…

Last week was an exciting week with thousands of Australians taking part in Eat Local Feed Global while across the world campaigners visited the headquarters of global food giants to demand that they do more to prevent land grabs that are kicking poor farmers off their land in order to grow sugar for popular drinks. […]

I was told “people are poor because they are lazy”

Ibu Silosor’s husband is a fisherman. He leaves the beach and “is at his Bagan [a wooden fishing platform out to sea] by 6pm. [He]… came back [this morning] at 5am,” Silosor tells me outside her home on the small island of Lembata in eastern Indonesia. Silosor, has already salted her husband’s overnight catch of […]

Promoting sustainable farming

Women work together to bring in the rice harvest. Small-scale farmers often work on each others’ land during the busy times of year to ensure successful harvests. The 500 million small-scale farms in developing countries are critical to food security; feeding almost two billion people. In countries like Indonesia, rice is promoted widely, and is […]

Life can change for small-scale farmers like Halima

High in the mountains of Lushoto in northern Tanzania, life has been very hard for Halima Shabani. Feeding and sending her children to school has been a constant struggle as have been the long back-breaking days tending her fields. But with support of overseas aid, life is changing for Halima and her family. Halima is […]

Putting food on the table

In Timor-Leste almost 50% of children are chronically malnourished. Our aid is helping small-scale farmers like Natercia feed their children and their villages but the Australian Government can do more. Sign the petition to call on the Australian Government to increase aid to those most in need. Growing up with two younger sisters and two […]

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