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How people power changed the world’s biggest brands

The Behind the Brands campaign has pressured food giants like Nestlé, Mondelez, Mars, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, General Mills and Kellogg to change their policies for people and the planet. Three years later, how far have these companies come? Read more »

Behind the Brands Update: General Mills; the making of a climate leader

After two months of campaigning, we are thrilled to announce that General Mills (the makers of Old El Paso and Latina past) who were once ranked last on climate change policies on our Behind the Brands scorecard has committed to become a true climate leader. How? By setting targets to reduce emissions, participate in real […] Read more »

Climate crunch time for Kellogg

Guest Blogger Elisa Riquier is an international intern doing a placement in the Perth Office. On World Environment Day, Oxfam supporters across the world undertook international action to tackle the biggest food companies for their impact on climate change and called on them to use their collective voices to call for stronger action on climate change. In Australia, […] Read more »

Take Action on Climate Change

By Clancy Moore – GROW Campaign  Coordinator When you think climate change, you might think of smoke stacks and coal mines or oceans dotted with oil platforms. You probably aren’t thinking “climate change” when you crunch on your bowl of Kellogg’s cornflakes in the morning. However, today on World Environment Day (5 June), it’s time […] Read more »

It’s crunch time for climate change

No company is too big to listen to its customers.  When enough of us speak out, companies listen. Last year more than 400,000 of you called on companies to do more for women in their supply chains. They listened. Then you spoke up about land grabs in companies’ supply chains. They listened. Now we need […] Read more »

Stand for Land winners announced

267,000 actions. 1100 photos. 60 countries. 1 ask: PepsiCo and Associated British Foods – make sure your sugar doesn’t lead to land grabs! In November we partnered with photo sharing app EyeEm to ask you to Stand for Land by taking a photo of your feet in your favourite place. By standing in solidarity with […] Read more »

Love a nice hot cup of Ovaltine or Twinings tea? But hate injustice?

Associated British Foods (ABF), which owns brands like Twinings, Ovaltine and TipTop, are the biggest sugar producer in Africa. In the lead up to their Annual General Meeting Oxfam visited Twinings’ Australian headquarters and asked them to implement a zero tolerance approach to land grabs in its supply chains. Oxfam campaigners visited Twinings’ headquarters in […] Read more »

It’s time to Stand for Land

After 250,000 people joined the call for Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Associated British Foods, three of the biggest players in the sugar industry to make sure the sugar in their food and drinks doesn’t lead to land grabs, Coca-Cola committed to take steps to stop land grabs in their supply chain. Now it’s time to push […] Read more »

A Message in a Giant Bottle

“What are you doing with that 2 meter tall bottle of Pepsi?” asked the conductor at Sydney’s Central Station this morning. After Coca-Cola’s announcement that they are taking a zero tolerance approach to land grabs – we decided to deliver a message in a bottle to Pepsi-Co asking them to do the same. Oxfam research has […] Read more »

Joining the dots…

Last week was an exciting week with thousands of Australians taking part in Eat Local Feed Global while across the world campaigners visited the headquarters of global food giants to demand that they do more to prevent land grabs that are kicking poor farmers off their land in order to grow sugar for popular drinks. […] Read more »