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Worawan Sukraroek

Our gender champions: a story of Sary and Polin

The Mekong river is a vital resource for poor and vulnerable people in the lower Mekong region, including essential water for fisheries and agriculture. Major development decisions — like dams — can affect the food security of the surrounding communities. The impacts of development on women and ethnic minorities is of particular concern. Read more »

Interview with Mr Chheng: the man working within the system

By Robin Narciso, Oxfam Australia Oxfam Australia, WWF and the Danish Government Aid Agency (Danida) have been collaborating with Cambodia’s Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute (IFReDI) to produce and provide the Cambodian Government with scientific information regarding the possible impacts of the dams on the Cambodian people. Recently, IFReDI, which is a Cambodian governmental […] Read more »

Surprise over the Mekong Dams: Oxfam is Turning the Tide

The first thing that my supervisor did when I got back from my field trip last week was to place a two‑page document in my hands. ‘Take a close look at this’ he said smirking, and left. It was entitled Key consideration: food and nutrition security vulnerability to mainstream hydropower dam development in Cambodia. It […] Read more »

The Mekong Deal: The rich cash in, the poor pay

By Robin Narciso – an Oxfam volunteer in Phnom Penh What is extreme poverty? Living on under a dollar per day? When you see what the Mekong gives to its people, you understand how it is the river, not a couple of dollars that determines their survival. In Samphin, a small town in the Cambodian […] Read more »

How many villages is your dam worth?

By Robin Narciso – an Oxfam volunteer in Phnom Penh How would you feel if you woke up in the morning to find out that your house AND your job has vanished into thin air? It’s hard for us to imagine in the “developed world”, but it happens every day in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and […] Read more »

Sineth’s family struggle

Sineth and Khvan’s livelihood depends on their ability to farm rice in the fields every day. When we spoke to Sineth they had just experienced a very tough time. Read more »

Banking on buffaloes: Sen’s story

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In the final interview of our ‘Banking on buffaloes’ blog series, we talk to Sen about how her life has changed since she became involved with her village’s buffalo bank program. Read more »

Banking on buffaloes: Na’s story

What a difference a buffalo can make! Meet Suy Na, a rice-farmer and father of eight. Since getting involved in his village’s buffalo bank, he’s been able to feed his family better, send his kids to school and build a larger house. Read more »

Banking on buffaloes: Sokim’s story

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Bouncing buffalo babies, cassava crops, and no more food shortages: May Sokim talks about how Oxfam’s buffalo bank has changed her life and given her hope. Read more »
Photo: Ear Techkung/OxfamAUS

Development for equality

Experiencing a bit of culture shock between Australia and Cambodia got me thinking about the concept of an equitable world; what is it and how can we make it happen? Read more »