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Cooking for the climate

By Tori Sanderson, GROW Team Intern Every time you open your fridge and pantry, you step into the global food system. Don’t believe us? Oxfam’s Food Transformation report shows us that the decisions we make every day have global impacts on the climate, agriculture and food. In particular, our energy use can significantly contribute to […]

The Mekong Deal: The rich cash in, the poor pay

By Robin Narciso – an Oxfam volunteer in Phnom Penh What is extreme poverty? Living on under a dollar per day? When you see what the Mekong gives to its people, you understand how it is the river, not a couple of dollars that determines their survival. In Samphin, a small town in the Cambodian […]

3things on handmade happiness, the environment and dads

What has the 3things project been up to lately, you ask? Plenty! They chatted to crafter Kelly White about making, meding, and doing. They looked at the treatment of dolphins, and this big blue planet we share with them. And they gave you some tips for Father’s Day shopping — it’s Sunday!

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