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WASH on film: getting started

It’s time to begin filming. It’s a long drive from Phnom Penh, especially with a flat tyre. But we got there and stuck in to a few days filming with local women, men and children from the village.

WASH on film: setting the scene

I’ve just returned from visiting tiny Pon Chea village where we began making our film about water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). It’s really removed and remote, and a difficult location because the people here are so poor. However, the potential for improving people’s lives is amazing and that’s why Oxfam is here.

Filming in Cambodia

I’ve been working on the development of a film about water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in rural Cambodia. Over the next few weeks I’ll share my experiences about the process.

Rights for the hidden

Home-based workers are the hidden seams of the garment sector; while these workers are largely invisible, many parts of the garment industry would not hold together without their contribution. Yet home-based workers are vulnerable to exploitation and economic insecurity.

Fishing for a future

These days community development is far more than just teaching a person to fish. In Cambodia it’s locally run fish ponds that are feeding families.

Water filters: truly amazing

Water filters have created a wave of excitement in Takeo Province, Cambodia. Part of a huge water-focused project supported by AusAID, the filters will be of most benefit to women and children.

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