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Call on Original Marines to end intimidation of factory workers

Original Marines is facing international criticism for its ongoing failure to respect and uphold the rights of women and men making its products in Indonesia. Although the iconic Italian company claims to have ‘always helped families’, this has not been the experience of the families of workers who lost their jobs trying to improve working […]

Nestle – Not so pure

Nestle claims to endorse the pure life, but dirty practices continue at the factories that produce its products Almost 10,000 people have joined the campaign to get Nestle to respect trade union rights in Indonesia. The IUF began the online campaign after 53 union members at the company’s factory in Panjang, Indonesia were fired as […]

Make IT Fair

The Make IT Fair campaign, together with GoodElectronics, is putting the pressure on big IT companies like Apple and Samsung to give a fair deal to the people that make their products. Apple is now the world’s largest corporation, valued at more than half a trillion US dollars. Workers in factories that manufacture Apple products, […]

Wal-Mart receives wooden spoon on workers’ rights

The International Labour Rights Forum (ILRF) has released its latest Working for scrooge report, which exposes companies with some of the worst records on respecting freedom of association in 2011. Four companies were singled out for individual scrutiny because of their poor labour practices. Culprits include the world’s largest fresh fruit and vegetable producer, Dole […]

2011: a busy year for all

It has been a busy year for the Oxfam labour rights team and our supporters who have contributed to supporting labour rights throughout the past 12 months. Thank you for all of your support! We have been part of some great campaign achievements through this year. Here are a few: Historic protocol seeks to protect […]

Life is bittersweet for Nestle workers

The Nescafe factory in Panjang, Indonesia, has fired almost two thirds of the SBNIB union membership. According to the IUF the workers were fired after a breakdown in negotiations over wages. The Nescafe workers had struggled for five years before finally gaining recognition for their independent trade union in March this year. After such a […]

Women Inspiring Change

More than 5 million Indonesian women work in factories. Their wages are very low and they receive 30% less than their male counterparts. But many are actively trying to change this situation…

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