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Photo courtesy Labour behind the label

Behind the double digit profits: Adidas factory workers share their stories

A photo essay produced by Labour Behind the Label documents the everyday struggles of workers making adidas products at the Shen Zhou factory in Phnom Penh. The price of rice in Cambodia has doubled over the past five years but workers’ wages have not kept up with rising costs of living. Job security is poor—24-year-old […] Read more »

Sneaky Business marches through Indonesia

More than 240 people from around the world have joined Sneaky Business—an online march to demand workers’ rights in the footwear industry. Read more »
Photo: OxfamAUS

When disaster strikes

At this time my country is experiencing a lot of disasters. These disasters have major impacts on communities, and place a great burden on the lives of many Indonesians. Read more »
Photo: Timothy Herbert/OxfamAUS

Adidas: all take no give this Christmas?

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In November adidas announced that it expects to grow annual revenues by almost 50% to approximately $23 billion AUS by 2015. Despite this prosperous outlook, the company has shown little generosity to the women and men making adidas’ products on poverty wages. Read more »

Thank you for 3869 messages of support!

Last week 3869 individuals from around the world sent letters to adidas’ CEO, Herbert Hainer, demanding a fair deal for workers making adidas. While we wait for a response from adidas, I want to thank all those who have assisted with this campaign. Read more »

Loneliness in Jakarta

Jakarta was so quiet— almost everyone had gone back to their villages to spend time with their families. In the evening I could hear the echoes of prayers across the city. I felt very touched- but also mixed with a deep sense of sadness because I was unable to be with my family. Without work it is just too expensive to travel back home to South Sumatra. Read more »

The luxury of rice

When I was young I was often given only cassava rice to eat because we couldn’t afford ordinary rice and other condiments. I understood that rice was really expensive, so even if a tiny bit of rice was mixed in with my cassava dish, I was overjoyed! Read more »

A father wanting to provide

After losing my job, my everyday routine has been filled with activities which might ordinarily be carried out by women. Every morning I bathe my child, I change his clothes, I feed him. I even go to the local Posyandu a clinic for infant and maternity health, to have him weighed and receive his immunisation. I carry out all these tasks with great happiness. But to be truthful, I also feel a bit ashamed when I face my neighbours, whose children are all cared for by their mothers. But there’s not much we can do as like it or not my wife is the one who still holds a job. Read more »