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Early warnings need early action in Somalia

In July 2011, Somalia claimed the first famine of the 21st century. Although there were clear warning signs many months in advance, the international community did not begin to respond at scale until the situation had already reached crisis point. Just three years later, Somalia is once again on the brink of relapsing into a serious food crisis.

A letter from Lebanon for Eid

This week marks Eid, the important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that brings to an end the Islamic holy month of fasting, Ramadan. This is a bitter sweet celebration for millions of people as conflict continues across the Middle East.

Land is life in Papua New Guinea

I have just returned from Papua New Guinea where the struggle for control of the country’s natural resources is raging.  Communities are quite literally fighting for their lands, environment, livelihoods and culture – all of these are at risk from logging, palm oil and other so-called developments. Land is life, as they say in PNG.  […]

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