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Inspiring stories of change

Over the past two years, Oxfam has supported 25 young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to proactively affect change within their communities. As the 2012–2014 program cycle draws to a close, making way for the next group of bright and passionate young people, two participants share their inspiring stories of change and how your support made it happen.

Oxfam UNIte Conference: an arena for new ideas

By Heather Wortes – University of Woollongong student Oxfam University group members from around Australia joined forces at a three day conference in Sydney last week. Students came from as far as Perth and Brisbane to share their success stories from past events and to brainstorm ideas for campaigns and events in 2013. The university […]

The ChangeCourse journey: part 1

This is the first in a series of blog posts from the scene of ChangeCourse 2012, where young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from around Australia have come together to work with Oxfam on bringing about positive change in their communities and themselves.

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