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Photo: Worawan Sukraroek/Oxfam

Know your rights: free, prior and informed consent.

By Robin Narciso, Communications and Information Officer Phnom Penh & Worawan Sukraroek, Regional Policy Advisor. Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) is  a critical tool to promote indigenous rights. At Oxfam , we define FPIC as a principle to ensure that all affected communities, including non-indigenous ones, are informed and give their consent prior to […] Read more »

Land is life in Papua New Guinea

I have just returned from Papua New Guinea where the struggle for control of the country’s natural resources is raging.  Communities are quite literally fighting for their lands, environment, livelihoods and culture – all of these are at risk from logging, palm oil and other so-called developments. Land is life, as they say in PNG.  […] Read more »