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Sneaky Business marches through Indonesia

More than 240 people from around the world have joined Sneaky Business—an online march to demand workers’ rights in the footwear industry. Read more »
Sneaky Business: Support Footwear Workers' Rights

Sneaky Business Toolkit

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Want to help promote a new global action in support of workers’ rights? The Sneaky Business toolkit provides you with everything you need. Read more »

2011 Labour Video Competition

Have you seen a film that has inspired you to support labour rights? LabourStart’s second Labour Video of the Year competition is now open for nominations. Read more »

Where underpants come from

Where Underpants Come From takes us on a journey to discover the origin of undies. This journey begins when author Joe Bennet purchases a 5-pack of Made in China underpants for $8.59 at his local New Zealand supermarket. Read more »

Sharing the basics

This is the sort of pump which is generally used in rental house areas, including my family’s home. This single pump is used by about 10 different rental houses (20-30 people). Because of the large amount of people using it sometimes the water comes up murky. Read more »

The Social Studio Spring Collection

The Social Studio (TSS) is a Melbourne-based social enterprise which provides young women and men from refugee communities the opportunity to realize their potential as designers, makers and retailers of fashion. Read more »

Mum: Making the most of it

Since the start of the fasting month my mother has been selling clothing to her friends at her factory. She purchases the clothes from outlets and makes a profit of between 5,000-10,000 Rupiah per item (60 cents to $1.15). From past experience my mother has sold at least 50 pieces. If only she had a bit more start-up capital, I’m sure she could get more clothing to sell. Read more »

Step into her trainers!

Did you know that in 2008 the CEO of Nike, Mark G. Parker earned more than 7 million US dollars? It is estimated it would take an Indonesian worker producing for Nike more than 6,000 years to earn this amount. Read more »

Loneliness in Jakarta

Jakarta was so quiet— almost everyone had gone back to their villages to spend time with their families. In the evening I could hear the echoes of prayers across the city. I felt very touched- but also mixed with a deep sense of sadness because I was unable to be with my family. Without work it is just too expensive to travel back home to South Sumatra. Read more »