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Play Fair at the Olympics

While our athletes prepare to go for gold at the London Olympics, the workers who make the clothes they wear are being forced to work excessive hours for poverty-level wages, a recent report has found. Oxfam is calling on the Australian Government to ensure workers who produce sportswear for Australia’s Olympic athletes are treated fairly. […] Read more »

Sneaky Business marches through Indonesia

More than 240 people from around the world have joined Sneaky Business—an online march to demand workers’ rights in the footwear industry. Read more »
Sneaky Business: Support Footwear Workers' Rights

Sneaky Business Toolkit

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Want to help promote a new global action in support of workers’ rights? The Sneaky Business toolkit provides you with everything you need. Read more »
Image Credit: istock/OxfamAUS

Abuse part of daily bread for Converse workers

Women making Converse sneakers at the Pou Chen Group factory in Sukabumi have been kicked, slapped and taunted by their supervisors. Read more »
Photo: Ben Adams/OxfamAUS

Strong women, extraordinary challenges

As a migrant worker Nining was under pressure to survive in her new environment as well as to provide support to her parents and family back home. At the same time, Nining could not stand the way that workers were treated and exploited within the factory. Read more »
Photo: Timothy Herbert/OxfamAUS

Working women with families

Another friend of mine recently became a single parent. Her baby is less than a year old, but her husband deserted both of them. To get by as a single mother she works full time at the footwear factory. Read more »
Photo: OxfamAUS

Dengue Fever

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Before I fell ill, I hadn’t been feeling well enough to work for two or three days. But I still went to work because I wouldn’t be able to get sick leave without a certificate from the factory clinic. Read more »
Image courtesy Andrew Biraj/Reuters

31 die in Bangladesh factory fire as brands do too little, too late

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31 workers have died in another garment factory fire in Dhaka.The tragedy is not the only of its kind to impact the lives of garment workers in Bangladesh—since 2000 more than 300 workers have lost their lives in factory fires. Read more »
Photo: OxfamAus

Labour activists jailed in Vietnam

Last month three Vietnamese labor activists were jailed for up to 9 years after initiating strikes for better pay. Despite a difficult climate for industrial action, many Vietnamese workers have been active in advocating for improved pay and conditions. Read more »