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Keeping 1.5°C alive in the lead up to COP26

In August we saw the release of the report from the International Panel on Climate Change. It provides the latest information on past warming and future warming projections, showing how and why the climate has changed to date, and including an improved understanding of how humans have influenced the climate. Read more »

Leading the way along the Salween River

How one local woman is mobilising villages to show their love for the free-flowing river, and defying those who wish to exploit it. Read more »
Honkeo in her role as a Community Fishery Facilatator.

Women champions conserving the environment for the next generation

Honkeo has a big vision: to empower Indigenous communities and to help them conserve their natural resources for the next generation: ““Nature is life for our indigenous communities … If women know their roles, they will contribute more”. Discover the life-changing work Oxfam does in the Mekong. Read more »
Mekong Forum Theatre participants

Oxfam brings Mekong communities’ perspectives to the stage

Local communities can be resettled as a result of the building of dams — and it effects men and women differently. Using a technique called Forum Theatre, the Mekong Regional team demonstrated power dynamics to more than 300 scientists, researchers and global experts . Read more »
Mekong dams threaten the ethnic group of Shan.

Her voice is strong: Nang Shining works to save 40,000 homes

In southern Myanmar, a dam is being built which will flood an area the size of Singapore and impact more than 200,000 people. Nang Shining grew up in a community that’s threatened by the dam, and has become a powerful voice for the rights of people in her community. Read more »
Mae Sod leads the campaign against the Lower Sesan 2 dam in Sra Kor village.

Two rivers, two women, one dream

Women are becoming frontline activists in the battle against the dams that threaten their communities: “We all have one dream. We want to be included in the decisions over the dams. We want our rights to be heard” Read more »
Photo: Savann Oeurm/Oxfam AU

The Lower Sesan 2 Dam will soon flood several Cambodian Communities

Chhea’s community is threatened by the construction of a large hydropower dam. She shares her concerns and hopes for the future. Read more »
Worawan Sukraroek

Our gender champions: a story of Sary and Polin

The Mekong river is a vital resource for poor and vulnerable people in the lower Mekong region, including essential water for fisheries and agriculture. Major development decisions — like dams — can affect the food security of the surrounding communities. The impacts of development on women and ethnic minorities is of particular concern. Read more »
Photo: Robin Narciso/OxfamAUS

Women’s Voice for Change: Empowering young women to influence decision makers

Nari is 24 and participates in a local Cambodian program called “Women Talk on Air” — a program that aims to build capacity and empower women to speak their minds to community leaders and decision-makers. She discusses her concerns around hydropower dam construction and the potential impact on an entire community. Read more »
Photo: Robin Narciso/OxfamAUS

The Inclusion Project kicked off in the Mekong Region

In the Mekong Region, civil society is growing. NGOs and local communities are working together to build up a network of concerned people and communities working on water resource management. Read more »