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Tax deductible donations

Thank you for considering giving a donation or gift to Oxfam Australia.

We gratefully accept donations and gifts that, depending on your circumstances, may be tax deductible in Australia. This page sets out some of our tax deductible donation FAQs. 

Donations of $2 or more to Oxfam are tax deductible in Australia.

Disclaimer: the information on this page is general in nature and you should always speak to your tax advisor about your individual circumstances. 

Tax Deductions Calculator

Does claiming a tax deduction affect the amount that Oxfam Australia receives?

No. Even when you claim a tax deduction, Oxfam Australia receives the full amount of your donation. 

When is a donation or gift tax deductible?

There are certain conditions that must be met for a donation or gift to be tax deductible. These are set out on the website of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). 

For example, the donation or gift must be made to an Australian Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Not all charities are DGRs. Oxfam Australia is a DGR.

The donation or gift must truly be a donation or gift (a voluntary transfer where you receive no material benefit or advantage), must be money or property (this can include financial assets such as shares), and must comply with any other conditions.

The donation or gift must be for AUD $2 or more and you must retain a record (for example, a receipt). See here for more information.

Will Oxfam Australia provide me with a receipt for my donation or gift?

Yes. Our supporter service team at Oxfam Australia are also always happy to send tax receipts via email or mail when you make a tax deductible donation.

How much will I get back in my tax return?

You can use our donation tax benefit calculator for an idea of how much you may be able to get back in your tax return when you donate to Oxfam Australia.

Disclaimer: the calculator is illustrative and general in nature and because everyone’s circumstances are different you should always speak to your tax advisor about your individual circumstances and deductions.

Can businesses donate to Oxfam Australia?

Yes, most businesses can donate to Oxfam Australia. You can find Oxfam Australia’s Gift Acceptance Policy here.

Many businesses consider philanthropy an important part of their model, and just need guidance on the best place to donate. Read about our community of philanthropists within the Oxfam Circle to understand why a donation to Oxfam Australia can have such a wide-ranging and lasting impact on communities that are in desperate need of support.

How do I donate to Oxfam Australia?

We are a not-for-profit registered charity aiming to eliminate poverty, including by tackling inequality. We are committed to achieving climate justice, first peoples justice, gender equality, ending economic inequality and aiding people during humanitarian emergencies. Any donations made to Oxfam Australia are received gratefully and put towards our many important causes. So if our goals and values at Oxfam Australia align with yours, please consider a donation.

Tax deductible donations help make the decision to donate to worthwhile causes even easier. You can make a difference to communities we work with around the world when you make a tax deductible donation. 

When you make a donation to Oxfam, you know your money is going to a worthwhile cause that is engaged in the worldwide battle against poverty and inequality.

We strongly encourage you to get involved. Donating to Oxfam has never been easier.

Head to our Donate page, or download our If. Then. Give! App and make a donation today.