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After Safaia Osman’s cattle died in the drought, she became a participant in Oxfam’s Cash Transfer Programme and Water Sanitation and Hygiene Non Food Item in Badana, Kenya. Now she has the clean water and food she needs to survive the drought. Credit: Loliwe Phiri/Oxfam

Help Fight Famine

Right now, the world is experiencing multiple crises, where the impacts of COVID-19, conflict, growing inequality and climate change are escalating poverty and hunger. One in every 23 people on the planet needs emergency assistance to survive. East Africa is on the brink of famine with one person dying every 48 seconds in Ethiopia, Kenya […] Read more »

Famine looms in South Sudan

South Sudan’s brutal four-year civil war has left four million people displaced and killed thousands. It has also forced millions into poverty and is pushing people to their absolute limits. Oxfam aid worker Tim Bierley shares some of the horrific stories that have become almost commonplace in the country. Read more »
East Africa is in the grip of a devastating food crisis.

Hungry in a world of plenty: millions on the brink of famine

Today, the world stands on the brink of unprecedented famines. About 30 million people are experiencing alarming hunger, severe levels of food insecurity and malnutrition in north-eastern Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen. Read more »

Yemen on the brink: conflict is pushing millions towards famine

More than two years of brutal conflict in Yemen have forced millions of families to leave their homes, and pushed many more to the brink of famine. 60 percent of the population are suffering from food insecurity and malnutrition. Read more »

A mother’s impotence in East Africa

In this moving piece by Irina Fuhrmann, women from the drought-stricken Kenyan village of Kanukurdio tell of their struggles to survive and keep their children alive. Read more »
Photo: Andy Hall/OxfamAUS

Is famine in East Africa linked to climate change?

The question says it all: what role does climate change have in the current East African drought and famine? While the answer isn’t definitive, certain signs cannot be ignored… Read more »
Photo: Jo Harrison/Oxfam

Famine in Somalia: what does it mean?

/ | 2 Comments on Famine in Somalia: what does it mean?
Famine in East Africa: what does it mean, exactly? When does a food crisis become a famine, and what are the factors behind it? What can be done about it? With the UN declaring famine in parts of Somalia, we thought it was time for some explanations. Read more »