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Gaza Crisis - Donate to Gaza Now
After Safaia Osman’s cattle died in the drought, she became a participant in Oxfam’s Cash Transfer Programme and Water Sanitation and Hygiene Non Food Item in Badana, Kenya. Now she has the clean water and food she needs to survive the drought. Credit: Loliwe Phiri/Oxfam

Help Fight Famine

Right now, the world is experiencing multiple crises, where the impacts of COVID-19, conflict, growing inequality and climate change are escalating poverty and hunger. One in every 23 people on the planet needs emergency assistance to survive. East Africa is on the brink of famine with one person dying every 48 seconds in Ethiopia, Kenya […] Read more »
With ABC’s 774 Drive Show host Rafael Epstein. Photo: OxfamAUS

Challenging the hunger myths around Victoria

Currently in Australia are three women from Oxfam partner organisation ‘Women on Farms Project’, based in South Africa. The women, Colette, Roseline and Gertruida, are here for two weeks to speak at a series of public events. Here are some highlights of their first week. Read more »
L-R: Roseline Presence, Gertruida Baartman and Collette Solomon from the Women on Farms project. Photo: Michael Myers/OxfamAUS

Meet our South African guests in Western Australia

Join Oxfam on Thursday 14 June for the GROW Africa Night. Hear the stories from two exceptional women from the ‘Women on Farms Project’, South Africa. Read more »

What’s wrong with our food system?

We can address this hunger if we support small-scale food producers, tackle climate change, and reduce food waste. This great infographic provides some suggestions. Read more »

This October, why not GROW with us?

With the current food crisis unfolding in East Africa, Oxfam is declaring Oct 15-22 as GROW Week – and we’re inviting you to host your own event to raise awareness and much-needed funds. Our volunteer Larissa explains… Read more »

What do our students know about the famine in the Horn of Africa?

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Ideas to motivate your students to better understand the famine in the Horn of Africa and how they can contribute to a world without hunger. Read more »

GROW with us in QLD

Oxfam’s GROW campaign is working to help build the movement for global food justice. Find out more by attending the Brisbane Future of Food Forum. Read more »
Photo: Lara McKinley/OxfamAUS

GROW on display

Have you seen our new GROW billboards up around Melbourne? Read more »
Launch of Grow campaign in Sydney

A simple goal – food justice for all

Oxfam’s GROW ambassador Julie Goodwin reflects on our World Reality Dinner, where guests were given meals representative of food equality around the globe. Read more »
Celebrity chef Dougie McMaster for Grow

Waste not, want not

UK chef Dougie McMaster took some time away from his Wasted pop-up dining experience to talk to us about the GROW campaign. Read more »