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Oxfam responds to COVID-19 crisis in India

As India grapples with a deadly second wave of coronavirus, Oxfam teams are on the ground saving lives with vital medical supplies and food rations. Read more »

India hit by devastating wave of COVID-19

India has been hit by a devastating wave of COVID-19. Oxfam is responding with food, hygiene kits and protective equipment. Read more »

Cyclone leaves destruction and homelessness in India, Oxfam will provide relief to 60,000 people affected

Oxfam will provide water, sanitation and shelter to 60,000 people affected by Cyclone Phailin. The storm, one of the country’s biggest natural disasters in years, left India on Sunday, leaving almost nine million people affected. Winds of up to 200kmh destroyed 300,000 hectares of crops and damaged 200,000 houses, some beyond repair. Phailin will cost […] Read more »
Rekha Chandrakant Khandagale at work. Photo: Bipasha Majumder/OxfamIndia

A better life for Pune waste pickers

Collecting other people’s rubbish and selling it for recycling is a way of life for many women in the Indian city of Pune. Rekha’s story reveals the immense challenges Pune’s waste pickers face on a daily basis – and how they’re fighting to improve their lives. Read more »
Photo: Akshay Mahajan/OxfamAUS

Full circle: a different take on trash

A group of women in India are working their way out of poverty, using other people’s rubbish to build a better life. This eye-opening short film shows just how they’re going about it. Read more »

Harvesting a brighter future: women helping themselves

Living proof that there’s strength in numbers, women in rural India are joining self-help groups and gaining newfound confidence, agricultural skills and a supportive social network in the process. Read more »

Harvesting a brighter future: Ganesh and Anusaya

After years working as underpaid farm labourers, young Katkari couple Ganesh and Anusaya are now cultivating their own crops and enjoying a life free of exploitation. This is their story. Read more »

Harvesting a brighter future: Buddhaji and Suman

Having lived through land grabs when they were growing up, young Katkari couple Buddhaji and Suman are determined that their own children will have a better life. Read more »

Harvesting a brighter future: Ambaji and Suman

Since Indian organisation SAKAV started helping them, Indigenous couple Suman and Ambaji have made major progress, cultivating enough veges that they can feed themselves and sell the rest for profit. Read more »

Harvesting a brighter future: Arun Shivkar, Director of SAKAV

In recent weeks, we’ve heard from poor Indian families about how Oxfam’s local partner SAKAV has helped them turn their lives around. Now it’s time for SAKAV’s Director Arun Shivkar to tell his story. Read more »