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The World Bank responds to our campaign…

Last month Oxfam launched a campaign calling on the World Bank to freeze their large land acquisitions for 6 months. Why? Because banks and private investors are buying up land in the developing world at an alarming rate, often resulting in people losing their homes and the land they grow their food on. Over the […] Read more »

Time to stop the global land rush

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GET OUT You’ve got two minutes to get your things and get out. Stop crying. There’s nothing you can do. Say goodbye to your home. It’s gone. Not what you would expect from an Oxfam campaign? Sadly, as banks and private investors scramble to buy land in the developing world, stories of poor farmers and […] Read more »

Hungry? Be the first to tackle land grabs

In recent years, wealthy investors from across the globe have invested heavily in cheap farmland in poor countries, often for commercial use. Join the campaign to stop land grabs and GROW justice. Read more »