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Meet the women in Ghana who are turning honey into money

Augustina, a mother of three, is defying tradition and gender inequality in rural Ghana, with her own thriving honey business. Read more »

In rural Ghana, the greatest burden is carried by women

In rural Ghana, the pangs of the Hungry Season are felt in all corners of the community. But the greatest burden is felt by women. Read more »

Women face hunger and hardship in rural Ghana

In rural Ghana, the odds are stacked against women like Beatrice. Unable to take part in the agriculture that sustains the region Beatrice breaks rocks to sell as gravel to get by — and still, her grandchildren go hungry. Read more »

Notes from the field: Zimbabwe

Oxfam’s Kate Bensen travelled to Zimbabwe to see first-hand how you’re helping us respond to the hunger crisis. She couldn’t believe how different it is to what she’d imagined. Read more »

Mobile money breaks the cash drought in Zimbabwe

At the height of the drought in Zimbabwe, our mobile cash transfers gave Florence and her family a rare glimpse of hope. We gave Florence a mobile phone so she could receive cash transfers via text to pay for basic food items. Read more »

Helen Szoke in South Sudan: Hope in a time of hunger

This month Oxfam Chief Executive Helen Szoke visited Oxfam programs in South Sudan delivering clean water, sanitation and vital humanitarian assistance to families facing hunger and famine. Read more »

Budget 2017 fails the fairness test

Last night’s Federal Budget was chance to act on rising inequality. It was a chance to champion fairness and to recommit to Australia being a good global citizen. Oxfam’s verdict: the Budget was a massive fail. Read more »

A mother’s marathon for water in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, mothers like Ida literally walk a marathon every day, to provide water for their children. The countless hours spent traipsing to collect water takes time that should be spent working or learning — this entrenches the cycle of poverty. Read more »

Tackling poverty by changing minds, systems and lives

How you are joining forces with people who share the belief that no-one should live in poverty, to empower communities to build better lives for themselves. Read more »

How canoes are saving lives in South Sudan

A unique Oxfam run canoeing program in South Sudan is assisting communities to seek refuge rapidly in an emergency, and helps the canoe operators to earn the money they need to support their families. Read more »