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Close to home: The climate crisis in the Torres Strait

Torres Strait Islanders have contributed almost nothing to the causes of climate change, but are being hit first and hardest by its impacts. We visited the archipelago earlier this month to meet with communities and hear their experiences. Read more »

The women of Somaliland: stories of strength and survival

The women of Eastern Somaliland are being pushed to the edge, desperately seeking food for their children as their country stands on the brink of famine. We met with six women who told us their stories of strength and survival. Read more »

10 quotes that show why Pacific nations are leading the world on climate action

For our Pacific Island neighbours, climate change is a matter of survival. At the same time, they are lighting the way to a brighter future with smart climate solutions and bold leadership. As these inspiring quotes by the leaders of Pacific nations show, it’s time Australia followed their lead. Hilda Heine, President of the Marshall […] Read more »
Efate, Vanuatu: Daniel stand on a beach holding a fishing spear and leaning on a withered palm tree.

Is climate change outwitting traditional knowledge?

More than one year after Tropical Cyclone Pam ripped through Vanuatu, families are still battling the devastating effects of the aftermath and other climate change related impacts. Communities could once cope with traditional practices, but there’s now strong new evidence that suggests they’ve reached their limit. Read more »

How exposed is your bank?

The big four banks could be endangering human rights and our environment. While we outline some positive first steps by some of the banks, none have yet adopted a zero tolerance for land grabs approach. Read more »
Oxfam staffers at the Climate March rally

Climate justice: so hot right now!

2015 was a year of extremes. It was the hottest year on record for our earth. But 2015 also swept in a wave of extreme hope. You and I, along with millions of our sisters and brothers around the world, stood up and took real action on climate change. Read more »
Staff from Oxfam and partner organisations distributing emergency kits in Womkama, PNG.

Super-charged El Niño brings Papua New Guinea’s worst drought in 20 years

Papua New Guinea is experiencing its worst drought since the devastating 1997 crisis. This year’s drought and severe frosts — caused by a ‘super El Niño’ climate event — are making the situation much worse. Read more »

The deal is done, now the real work begins…

The Paris agreement is a true landmark. It goes beyond what many thought possible only a month ago. It was a deal made possible by the determined efforts of people around the world. People like you, who stood up and demanded more. Read more »
Climate Change negotiations are almost over. Will our world leaders make concrete commitments?

Halfway through the Paris climate negotiations – the clock is ticking

We’re now halfway through the Paris climate negotiations. What happens now? Climate Change Advocacy Coordinator Simon Bradshaw checks in Read more »
Kiribati youth climate activist, Tinaai Teaua (centre), with some of the more than 20 Australians who met with key decision-makers at Parliament House in Canberra recently to urge stronger action on climate change. Photo: Jennifer Nagy/OxfamAUS

“I am so happy and proud of those Australians who support us!”

Twenty-two year old Pacific Islander Tinaai Teaua is currently at the CoP21 climate summit in Paris to ensure her peoples’ future: to conserve their land and guarantee their culture. Read more »