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Banking on shaky ground: one year on

Communities unfairly forced off their land are plunged into poverty. They often face the threat of violence for speaking out as well as food shortages, inadequate housing and poor health. In the year that’s passed since the release of our land grabs report, Australian customers and investors have shown they care deeply that their bank respects land rights.

Battle of the Brands: the annual scorecard update

Twice a year, Oxfam takes a look at publically available information on the agricultural sourcing policies of the top ten food and beverage companies. We assess how well the top 10 companies are performing on our seven themes: transparency, women, workers, farmers, land, water, and climate. Want to see how your favorite brands did?

Women leading the fight against climate change

Climate change affects us all, but it often impacts women the hardest. In many parts of the world it tends to be women who grow the family’s food, fetch fuel and water, and bring up the children. It’s women who are most likely to be in harm’s way when disaster strikes. So when clean water becomes harder to find during a drought, or when crops are destroyed by floods, it’s often up to women like Ipaishe to find solutions.

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