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Volunteer spotlight: Ainsley Gawdat

Ainsley Gawdat is currently volunteering in our Volunteer Engagement Team, supporting the Sydney Office and Volunteer Engagement Coordinator. Ainsley’s role is to assist in the recruitment of Oxfam’s shop and office volunteers and to help with reception and administrative duties such as answering phones and enquiries. In the past, Ainsley helped with Oxfam’s 2018 Close […] Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Aly Watson

Alexandra (Aly) Watson volunteered with our Oxfam’s legal counsel in 2016. Here, Aly tells us about her experience. Read more »

Volunteer Spotlight: Elyse from the Volunteer Engagement Team in Sydney

Elyse has been volunteering with our very own Volunteer Engagement Team since September 2016. Here’s her story so far. Read more »

Happy 25th to a World Class Volunteer!

Kevin McNair first started volunteering with Community Aid Abroad in 1991. This year, he celebrates his 25th year of volunteering, which is more than 700 hours a year and 20,000 hours total volunteering with Oxfam Australia! Here’s how it all started. Read more »

Volunteer spotlight: Spud, Oxfam Shop Volunteer of the year

Spud has been volunteering with Oxfam since 2010 and is a passionate supporter of fair trade and Oxfam Shop. He was recently awarded the Oxfam Shop Volunteer of the year for his incredible contribution. Read more »
Volunteering at Oxfam is a great way to meet people , like Oxfam's FUSE team, pictured here.

Volunteer spotlight: Jessie from the IT team

There’s more than one way to give with Oxfam. Jessi is one of Oxfam’s many volunteers who are using their professional skills to help people living in poverty around the world. Find out how you can too. Read more »
Community campaigners at a Close the Gap event, Brisbane

Volunteer to career: where could your volunteer experience take you?

While volunteering at Oxfam doesn’t always lead to a job, many staff at Oxfam began their career as volunteers and interns. For National Volunteer Week, we’ve asked some of these staff members to share their experiences. Read more »

Volunteer spotlight: Kate Coulman in the Corporate and Community Partnerships Team, Sydney

Kate joined Oxfam to gain experience in a not-for-profit organisation as part of a career change. Since joining the Corporate and Community Partnerships team in Sydney, she’s done just that. Read more »

Volunteer spotlight: Mary-Jane Espartinez from the Volunteer Engagement Team

Find a volunteer role with Oxfam to help you build your skills and experiences. Mary-Jane Espartinez has been volunteering for Oxfam for more than a year and finds her experience rewarding and valuable: “There is such a positive energy that comes with volunteering at Oxfam, where you are giving your time and energy to help others. “ Read more »