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Ethical Fashion Season is here!

It’s been a few weeks of catwalks, convos and clothes inside out – and with the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse, MB Fashion week + Fashion Revolution Day, it seems like the perfect time to go behind the seams and talk ethical fashion. Welcome to 3things’ Ethical Fashion Season – a celebration of compassion fashion, ethical clothes, sartorial sanity, […] Read more »

Repurpose your formal dress!

by 3things blogger Emily Chantler Five creative solutions to repurpose your formal dress once your end-of-year evening is over! Revive it A great way to repurpose your formal gown is to give it a makeover. With the most basic of sewing skills, you could add some embellishments to your dress—a row of sequins or jewels […] Read more »

GROW Challenge #5: Watch your Waste

By Tori Sanderson, Oxfam GROW Team Intern There are 870 million hungry people in the world, but at least one third of the food that the world produces is wasted. Why is this? Where does all this food go? And what can we do to stop it? This month your GROW Challenge is for you to commit to […] Read more »

Oxfam is heading to Big Day Out!

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Live bands, scary rides and good vibes – these are just 3 of the many things we love about Big Day Out. We’re hitting Australia’s longest running festival again this year to talk all things food, and to ask music lovers what 3things they’re going to do to change the world in 2013. Oh and […] Read more »
Your new wardrobe? Photo: Prue Upton/3things

3things’ Ethical Fashion Month

Spring has well and truly sprung for our 3things team, and they’re celebrating with Ethical Fashion Month. From a DIY Clothes Swap Kit to interviews with ethical fashion folk, it’s all happening. Read more »