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Making a difference in Burkina Faso

In a video blog she recorded while in Burkina Faso for Oxfam recently, former Democrats leader Natasha Stott Despoja describes her visit to Koutoula Yarce village, where she saw a cash-for-work program in action and met an amazing woman called Awa.

Rain and hope in Niger

On her second day in Niger, Oxfam’s Louise Mooney wakes up to much-needed rain, and meets one of Oxfam’s beneficiaries, widowed mother-of-nine Fara, who tells her, “May God help the people of Australia for helping us”.

A new way of life in Ethiopia

Imagine if the lifestyle your family had led for generations was on the verge of extinction. Would you cling determinedly to the old ways or would you bite the bullet and make whatever changes were necessary to survive? Herding families in the southern Ethiopian village of Melka Guba were forced to make this decision. Years […]

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