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Andrew and Natasha meet some women who have benefited from Oxfam's cash-for-work program. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

Reflections from Burkina Faso

Oxfam Australia’s ED Andrew Hewett reflects on his experiences in Burkina Faso: the scenes he’ll never forget, the people he met, and their need for our solidarity during these extremely trying times. Read more »
Muntu Valdo, musician, Cameroon. Photo: Charlotte Wales/Oxfam

“We are all African”

Some of African most talented musicians, actors and writers have joined forces in support of West Africa, writing a public letter urging world leaders to support the region with emergency aid and long-term investment. Read more »
Damon Albarn and Afel Bocoum perform together in Bamako. Photo: Simon Phipps/Oxfam

Damon Albarn unplugged in Mali for Oxfam

Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn has joined forces with Malian musician Afel Bofoum and Oxfam to raise awareness of the West Africa food crisis via the universal medium of music. Read more »

Dispatch from Dakar: our woman in West Africa

Oxfam Australia’s media coordinator for international projects and emergencies, Chee Chee Leung, has just landed in West Africa, and has filed her first dispatch from the field – Dakar, Senegal, to be precise. Read more »

Gertruida and Roseline bring songs of hope to WA

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For two stormy  winter days in Perth we were visited by two extraordinary women from South Africa on a whirlwind tour of the country visiting politicians, speaking to the media and being at the centre of public events for the both the GROW and Make Poverty History campaigns. Roseline Presence and Gertruida Barman’s inspiring stories […] Read more »

First national conference on women’s rights to land in Sierra Leone

by Oxfam intern Jarrod Strauch Sierra Leone has held its first ever national conference on women’s property and land rights, bringing together over 160 participants to develop new strategies in fighting the denial of basic rights to Sierra Leone’s women. The conference, held between 6-8 June at the YWCA of Sierra Leone, brought together 100 […] Read more »
Gertruida Baartman. Photo: Matthew Willman/OxfamAUS

Meet Collette, Gertruida and Roseline at the Collingwood Children’s Farmers’ Market

As part of the Challenging the Hunger Myths speakers’ tour, Oxfam will be presenting the Land is Life photographic exhibition with guest speakers from the Women on Farms Project in South Africa at Collingwood Children’s Farmers’ Market this Saturday. Read more »
Photo: Andy Hall/Oxfam

Millions at risk in the Sahel food crisis

The food crisis in West and Central Africa’s Sahel region is threatening more than 18 million people. It’s an overwhelming figure, but our new infographic shows who’s affected, where – and why. Read more »
Sundaradevi holds two of her chickens. Photo: Tom Greenwood/OxfamAUS

Stopping hunger in Sri Lanka: Sundaradevi’s story (part 2)

She survived the floods and stayed strong when her husband left her. She got her land back after her father-in-law mortgaged it, and now she provides for her family by growing SRI rice and breeding chickens. Little wonder that Sundaradevi feels “both strong and confident” these days. Interview by Marion Reid Can you describe your […] Read more »
Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

Introducing our new Global Ambassador, Baaba Maal

We’re thrilled to announce our latest Oxfam Ambassador, Baaba Maal. The singer, who was recently in Australia for WOMADelaide, is urging the world to respond to the food crisis in West and Central Africa before it’s too late. Read more »