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The unbearable weight of poverty in Rwanda

Like all loving mothers, Epaphrodite wants the best for her children. But she and her family live in Rwanda, one of the world’s poorest countries — a place where poverty is widespread and many struggle to make ends meet. Together, we can provide families like Epaphrodite’s a pathway out of poverty.

Tackling poverty with pig poo in Rwanda

Poverty is a complex problem with many causes and symptoms. We’ve found a simple and effective remedy for poverty in Rwanda: pig waste. Biogas – produced from pig waste – is an innovative energy source that is cheap, renewable and efficient. It eases the burden of time-consuming, unpaid domestic work for women and girls, so they can focus on more productive activities.

Rwanda: From trauma to a heart of peace

For many, the word “Rwanda” triggers memories of harrowing tales of civil war that dominated headlines in the 1990s. This chaotic time in Rwandan history left many thousands of women widowed, traumatised and living in poverty. That’s why we are implementing a life-changing project that brings together vulnerable women, offers them support, and trains them to breed and rear pigs to supplement their income.

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