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Climate action drought at UN climate talks

With droughts in the Sahel, US and Russia, 2012 has seen rising food prices and hunger worsening. In the midst of the desert in Doha, we’ve seen another drought. A drought of climate action from rich countries who rather than responding to the challenges poised by climate change have once again failed to deliver on […]

Digging in deep in Doha

Here in Doha, negotiation sessions are going deep into the night. Negotiators with tired eyes are talking about redlines and deadlines. Throughout the last two weeks, the issue of climate finance has been a major sticking point. So far only a handful of European countries and the UK have announced new climate finance pledges. Developing […]

Thank you for 2011

2011 is coming to a close, and we just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your work throughout the year. Through your tireless efforts, we’ve achieved amazing things on a number of fronts. Here’s just a few highlights from 2011: Oxfam Summer Our Victorian Campaigner Clancy and his volunteers started the […]

Durban climate talks: how it all ended…

As the Durban climate talks entered into overtime early on Sunday morning, many delegates were sleeping under tables or on desks or chairs, waking occasionally to the sound of people clapping a good speech from a negotiator. Negotiations seemed at a stand-off, with many countries unhappy with the proposal for the future of the Kyoto […]

Durban climate talks going in to extra time

“We’re back!” These famous words by the US negotiator a few years ago, shortly after the election of Obama, had a less than positive tone for me this morning walking into the International Conference Centre, venue of this year’s UN Climate Summit. After four intercessionals (negotiating sessions between the UN climate summits) and eleven long […]

Will final days deliver for the people of Africa?

This year’s UN climate negotiations in Durban are now entering the final stages. Heads of State and Ministers are giving short sharp speeches. Ambassadors and senior diplomats are discussing bottom lines and compromises. Environment groups are following the twists and turns, planning their next moves. Against the backdrop of the current food crisis in East […]

Urgency begins to roar at Durban climate talks

Reverend Tafue Lusama knows a thing or two about the urgency to tackle climate change. Living in Tuvalu, he has seen the climate changing over the last twenty years. Rising sea levels, storm surges and ocean acidification have had devastating impacts of people’s culture, livelihoods and ability to grow food. A few months ago, Tafue […]

Tweet a leader: let’s get some action going at COP17

The climate negotiations in Durban are stuttering. There is little progress on agreement on the emission reductions needed to keep warming below 2 degrees. There is also a rumbling debate about how to fill the Green Climate Fund. We need you to urge our leaders along the path to a sustainable planet. Together with Oxfam’s […]

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