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Sammy J holding a sign that says "Pay a living wage"

Sammy J says: Dear Kmart, Increase What She Makes

Sammy J speaks for a lot of us – when we’re shopping, we all love a bargain. But, the bargain shouldn’t be what she makes. Read more »
A woman works on a clothing line for an international brand in Dong Nai province, Vietnam. Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Gorman take a step forward on transparency

After years of campaigning from Oxfam supporters, Gorman and Factory X have published the names and locations of their factories. It’s an important step forward in supply chain transparency. Without this information it is extremely difficult to confirm whether workers are being treated fairly, and it allows workers to raise their concerns directly with the […] Read more »
Photo: GMB Akash/Panos/OxfamAUS

Help school the big brands this summer

You know the holidays are over when you starting seeing advertisements for ‘Back To School’ sales. Unfortunately, many of the women making clothes for brands like Kmart, Target and Big W are paid poverty wages. Find out how you can call brands to account. Read more »

Giving grows on trees

Oxfam Christmas trees are back! This year you can choose between pick-up and delivery. Whichever way you go, you’ll be helping people living in poverty. Order yours today! Read more »

Be fashion forward this weekend (and beyond)

To be ‘fashion forward’ is to be ahead of the curve: not just in terms of design and materials, but more importantly, around how your clothes are made. Find out which companies are moving towards a fairer future, and which companies are trying hide their tracks. Read more »
Oxfam Shop Easter Catalogue is full of ethical treats for your loved ones

Bestselling Easter gifts from Oxfam Shop

Fairtrade, ethical, last-minute. Discover some of the best-selling Easter items at Oxfam Shop in time for the long weekend. Read more »

Pay to Work: Corrupt practices cause mounting frustration

The other morning I spoke with some villagers who live in the district surrounding the Ching Luh factory. They told me about a local hustler who promotes factory recruitment. Potential applicants are asked for money ranging from 2-2.5 million rupiah (equivalent to two months of a factory workers’ full time wage). The hustler demanded upfront […] Read more »
Photo: Nicola Bailey/ActionAid

The good news and the bad news for garment workers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is well known for the appalling conditions under which many of its garment sector employees have to work. Both in terms of the physical conditions, but also the wages they’re paid, which are among the lowest in the region. But despite the many Australian companies that have met, or exceeded, the Australian community’s demands to improve workers’ conditions, there are still some holding out. Read more »
Photo: Bonnie Savage

Term two featured school resource: fair trade

For many students, shopping is already tied to their lives. It’s what they do on the weekend, it forms part of their identity. It’s also something they have control over, and that means they can make choices as consumers that can change lives. This is where Oxfam’s Term Two education resources about Fairtrade come in. Read more »

Just Jeans have a response for you

In the last week, thousands of Australians have asked Just Group a simple question: “When are you going to stop breaking hearts and sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord?” Their response? Not happening. Stop asking. Read more »