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What She Makes Game

Try out this classroom round table role play/ debate game! Read more »
Sammy J holding a sign that says "Pay a living wage"

Sammy J says: Dear Kmart, Increase What She Makes

Sammy J speaks for a lot of us – when we’re shopping, we all love a bargain. But, the bargain shouldn’t be what she makes. Read more »

Just Group: A big win for worker safety

After five years of campaigning, the Just Group that owns Just Jeans and Peter Alexander has come to the party on worker safety and joined the Bangladesh Fire & Building Safety Accord. This is a big win for worker safety. Congratulations to Just Group for making a great first move. The next step is to bring their factory […] Read more »

Cotton On joins ACT Initiative

Cotton On made important progress by joining the ACT Initiative on Living Wages, which brings together brands and global unions to collaborate on achieving higher wages for the women who make our clothes. Cotton On also affirmed their commitment to working towards living wages in their supply chain, however are yet to commit to a […] Read more »
A woman works on a clothing line for an international brand in Dong Nai province, Vietnam. Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Gorman take a step forward on transparency

After years of campaigning from Oxfam supporters, Gorman and Factory X have published the names and locations of their factories. It’s an important step forward in supply chain transparency. Without this information it is extremely difficult to confirm whether workers are being treated fairly, and it allows workers to raise their concerns directly with the […] Read more »
Photo: GMB Akash/Panos/OxfamAUS

Help school the big brands this summer

You know the holidays are over when you starting seeing advertisements for ‘Back To School’ sales. Unfortunately, many of the women making clothes for brands like Kmart, Target and Big W are paid poverty wages. Find out how you can call brands to account. Read more »

You won’t believe What She Makes

Together, we’re tackling poverty in the fashion industry, demanding big clothing brands pay a living wage to the women who make our clothes. Read more »

Aussie fashion brands: what’s with transparency?

This year, the focus of our ‘Naughty or Nice’ list is transparency. But we know transparency in itself doesn’t automatically equal fair treatment of workers, so why are we using it? Read more »

Be fashion forward this weekend (and beyond)

To be ‘fashion forward’ is to be ahead of the curve: not just in terms of design and materials, but more importantly, around how your clothes are made. Find out which companies are moving towards a fairer future, and which companies are trying hide their tracks. Read more »
A woman works on a Rip Curl Jacket in North Korea

Rip Curl on the search for transparency

A recent Fairfax Media report has indicated Rip Curl clothing was produced under harsh working conditions in North Korea. There is no excuse for any company to be unaware of what is happening in its own supply chain. Now is the time for Rip Curl to improve its transparency and support workers’ rights. Read more »