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Mexican labour activists face violent threats

A series of threats targeting Mexican labour advocates have prompted an urgent international response calling for the protection of their lives. Read more »
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Cambodian labour activist arrested

There is increasing concern for the human rights of Cambodian labour activists following the recent arrest of Phnom Penh based union leader, Sous Chantha. Read more »
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31 die in Bangladesh factory fire as brands do too little, too late

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31 workers have died in another garment factory fire in Dhaka.The tragedy is not the only of its kind to impact the lives of garment workers in Bangladesh—since 2000 more than 300 workers have lost their lives in factory fires. Read more »
Roof top view of Istanbul (Daisy Gardener/OxfamAUS)

From blogging to sandblasting: activist talks in Turkey

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It is day three at the Clean Clothes Forum here in Turkey. 180 activists have come to a small island called Bandirma, off the coast of Istanbul. We’re here to share ideas and information for how we can effectively support workers around the world to get a fair deal. Read more »
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Labour activists jailed in Vietnam

Last month three Vietnamese labor activists were jailed for up to 9 years after initiating strikes for better pay. Despite a difficult climate for industrial action, many Vietnamese workers have been active in advocating for improved pay and conditions. Read more »
Photo: Timothy Herbert/OxfamAUS

Adidas: all take no give this Christmas?

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In November adidas announced that it expects to grow annual revenues by almost 50% to approximately $23 billion AUS by 2015. Despite this prosperous outlook, the company has shown little generosity to the women and men making adidas’ products on poverty wages. Read more »
Photo: Akshay Mahajan/OxfamAUS

Global rights at work: key to ending poverty

Supporting labour rights is— fundamentally—about supporting an end to global poverty. The Global Rights at Work project shows how education and skills building can help women and men in developing countries to secure better working conditions…and better lives. Read more »
Photo: Fernando Moleres/Intermon Oxfam

Living wage project: Bangladesh

Who needs to take responsibility to ensure that garment workers are not assigned to a life of poverty? According to former child factory worker, Nazma Akhter, not only local manufacturers, but also Western buyers must step up to the challenge. Read more »

Alta Gracia workers celebrate a living wage

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After years toiling at factories in the free trade zones of the Dominican Republic, Santa Castillo knows how difficult it can be to survive on the minimum wage. “A lot of times there was only enough for my kids, and I’d go to bed hungry,” she says. Now the factory where Ms Castillo works has committed to pay three and a half times the minimum wage. Read more »

Step into her trainers!

Did you know that in 2008 the CEO of Nike, Mark G. Parker earned more than 7 million US dollars? It is estimated it would take an Indonesian worker producing for Nike more than 6,000 years to earn this amount. Read more »