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Rebuilding communities in Haiti: video update

Carrefour Feuilles, in Port-au-Prince, was one of the neighbourhoods hardest hit by the earthquake. In this video, Oxfam International media officer Julie Schindall talks about how Oxfam is helping members of this community to rebuild their lives. Read more »
Photo: OxfamAus

Labour activists jailed in Vietnam

Last month three Vietnamese labor activists were jailed for up to 9 years after initiating strikes for better pay. Despite a difficult climate for industrial action, many Vietnamese workers have been active in advocating for improved pay and conditions. Read more »
Certton cotton field

Certton steps towards more ethical fashion

Queensland based clothing brand Certton has recently joined 42 other companies to become accredited to Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA). ECA certifies that workers in Australia have access to legally mandated conditions and are paid according to the industry award. Read more »
Photo: Timothy Herbert/OxfamAUS

Adidas: all take no give this Christmas?

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In November adidas announced that it expects to grow annual revenues by almost 50% to approximately $23 billion AUS by 2015. Despite this prosperous outlook, the company has shown little generosity to the women and men making adidas’ products on poverty wages. Read more »
Photo: Akshay Mahajan/OxfamAUS

Global rights at work: key to ending poverty

Supporting labour rights is— fundamentally—about supporting an end to global poverty. The Global Rights at Work project shows how education and skills building can help women and men in developing countries to secure better working conditions…and better lives. Read more »
Photo: Fernando Moleres/Intermon Oxfam

Living wage project: Bangladesh

Who needs to take responsibility to ensure that garment workers are not assigned to a life of poverty? According to former child factory worker, Nazma Akhter, not only local manufacturers, but also Western buyers must step up to the challenge. Read more »

The true cost of cotton production

Human rights advocates have criticised the Uzbek cotton industry for its reliance on forced-labour including the mandatory employment of school children, college and university students, and civil servants. Workers face terrible conditions and are barely paid enough to survive. Read more »

Where underpants come from

Where Underpants Come From takes us on a journey to discover the origin of undies. This journey begins when author Joe Bennet purchases a 5-pack of Made in China underpants for $8.59 at his local New Zealand supermarket. Read more »

Fishing for a future

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These days community development is far more than just teaching a person to fish. In Cambodia it’s locally run fish ponds that are feeding families. Read more »

Sharing the basics

This is the sort of pump which is generally used in rental house areas, including my family’s home. This single pump is used by about 10 different rental houses (20-30 people). Because of the large amount of people using it sometimes the water comes up murky. Read more »