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Putting food on the table

In Timor-Leste almost 50% of children are chronically malnourished. Our aid is helping small-scale farmers like Natercia feed their children and their villages but the Australian Government can do more. Sign the petition to call on the Australian Government to increase aid to those most in need. Growing up with two younger sisters and two […] Read more »

4500km Global Poverty Walk – the finish line

By Tom Maker – Campaigns & Events Management Intern A question I often hear in relation to an issue as immense as global poverty is ‘What can I, as an individual person do?’ The issue of global poverty needs more individuals like Matt Napier. Matt, a landscape gardener by trade, along with his incredible wife […] Read more »

Join the Movement to End Poverty

With a Federal Election looming this year, it’s time to join together with other Australians to show support for doing our part to end extreme poverty. Because we believe it is possible to end extreme poverty, Oxfam Australia is joining the Movement to End Poverty. This is a joint action of the Make Poverty History […] Read more »

Cabinet rallies to Make Poverty History while PM discusses new UN leadership role

Last night, prior to the Perth Community Cabinet, four Government Ministers, the Attorney General and a Parliamentary Secretary joined forces with local Fremantle MP to support the Make Poverty History campaign. Fremantle MP, Melissa Parke, together with Attorney General, Nicola Roxon; Minister for Employment, Kate Ellis; Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek; Minister for Broadband, and […] Read more »

Jamie Briggs MP shows his support for Make Poverty History

On a very cold and wet evening, members of the Mt Barker community braved the wintery conditions to participate in the Road to 2015 launch.  Mr Jamie Briggs MP, the Federal member for Mayo, generously took time out of his busy schedule to open the exhibition that will be running at the Mt Barker Community […] Read more »

Meeting Mike

Recently, Peter Leahy of Care Australia and I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Kelly, the federal MP in Eden Monaro electorate to speak about all thing Make Poverty History. Mr Kelly was genuinely interested in talking to us about all the issues concerned with the Make Poverty History campaign, taking an hour out of […] Read more »

Gertruida and Roseline bring songs of hope to WA

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For two stormy  winter days in Perth we were visited by two extraordinary women from South Africa on a whirlwind tour of the country visiting politicians, speaking to the media and being at the centre of public events for the both the GROW and Make Poverty History campaigns. Roseline Presence and Gertruida Barman’s inspiring stories […] Read more »
Photo: Ann Matson/OxfamAUS

On the road to Make Poverty History!

By Barbara Tibu, Oxfam Brisbane Campaigns Team volunteer Aid works. It makes a difference. That’s something I’m starting to get a greater sense of since joining the volunteer team and helping plan the Make Poverty History “Road to 2015” photo exhibitions. As a uni student studying politics and international studies (with an assignment to write […] Read more »

CHOGM potential not quite reached

CHOGM has come and CHOGM has gone with much talk about the lack of any tangible results that warrant the expense of bringing 53 of the world’s leaders together, especially in the area of human rights. Read more »

Sneaky Business marches through Indonesia

More than 240 people from around the world have joined Sneaky Business—an online march to demand workers’ rights in the footwear industry. Read more »