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Image Credit: istock/OxfamAUS

Abuse part of daily bread for Converse workers

Women making Converse sneakers at the Pou Chen Group factory in Sukabumi have been kicked, slapped and taunted by their supervisors. Read more »

Aid: a view from the street

Our friends over at the ONE campaign in the UK recently took to the streets to find out what the general public already knew about foreign aid spending. Read more »
Photo: OxfamAUS

KRudd shares his 3things to change the world

Alex from Sydney University recently had the opportunity to ask Kevin Rudd what he would do to change the world. Read more »
Photo: Akshay Mahajan/OxfamAUS

Global rights at work: key to ending poverty

Supporting labour rights is— fundamentally—about supporting an end to global poverty. The Global Rights at Work project shows how education and skills building can help women and men in developing countries to secure better working conditions…and better lives. Read more »
Photo: Fernando Moleres/Intermon Oxfam

Living wage project: Bangladesh

Who needs to take responsibility to ensure that garment workers are not assigned to a life of poverty? According to former child factory worker, Nazma Akhter, not only local manufacturers, but also Western buyers must step up to the challenge. Read more »

One thousand students unite against poverty

As the UN met to decide if the world could halve extreme poverty in five years, 1000 students came together to hear from a variety of speakers working around the world to end poverty. Carrie O’Connor was there. Read more »

Standing Up to Make Some Noise

One of our great Make Poverty History volunteers, Ally Kvisle, has put together a video showing the events of Stand Up 2010 in Sydney. Read more »

Curtin Students Stand Up to End Poverty

Students from Curtin recently participated in a noisy two-hour lobby and activism workshop, culminating in a Stand Up event led by Oxfam Australia. Read more »

UN Summit on MDGs

Currently underway in New York City, the UN is holding a summit to review progress on the Millennium Development Goals, and to plot a path to achieve these goals by 2015. Here’s what’s been happening so far. Read more »