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Sneaky Business: Support Footwear Workers' Rights

Sneaky Business Toolkit

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Want to help promote a new global action in support of workers’ rights? The Sneaky Business toolkit provides you with everything you need. Read more »
Image Credit: istock/OxfamAUS

Abuse part of daily bread for Converse workers

Women making Converse sneakers at the Pou Chen Group factory in Sukabumi have been kicked, slapped and taunted by their supervisors. Read more »
Photo: Stitched Up/War on Want

Zara, European brands exploit workers in Bangladesh

A new report shows that women producing for top European retailers, including Zara, are struggling to survive on poverty wages. Read more »
Photo: Rino Hidayah/OxfamAUS

My thoughts on democracy and protest

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As workers, getting our message or opinion across to multinational corporations can be difficult. This is what makes the role of protests so important… Read more »
Image courtesy The Bangkok Post

The Mekong River is under threat: media updates

The Mekong River, one of the world’s last great wild rivers, is now under threat from the controversial proposal to build up to twelve dams along its lower reaches. The livelihood and survival of the millions of people and communities who live upon the Lower Mekong could be seriously in danger if the proposed dams […] Read more »
Photo: Patrick Brown/Oxfam America

Mechanical advantage: rice farming just got easier in Cambodia

A new weeding tool for Cambodian rice farmers combined with innovative growing techniques leads to harvests double in size. Read more »
Photo: Sarah Rennie/OxfamAUS

Time for action! Oxfam delivers your messages to The Just Group

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In December last year Herald Sun investigations confirmed that home-based workers in Australia who sew labels such as Portmans and Jacqui-E work under poor conditions with wages as little as $2 an hour. Read more »

2011 Labour Video Competition

Have you seen a film that has inspired you to support labour rights? LabourStart’s second Labour Video of the Year competition is now open for nominations. Read more »
Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Haiti: Oxfam trains camp residents to manage water delivery

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In the camps where Oxfam works in Port-au-Prince, displaced people are beginning to pay for their own water, an important step towards empowering them to take responsibility for the resource. Read more »